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Since 1989, Moir has been providing technology products and services to our valued clients.  We place high importance on their confidence and ensure that our solutions provide a solid return on investment.  We selectively choose the products we sell and maintain long-term relationships with both vendors and customers.  Simply, our old fashioned approach has delivered stability for both Moir and the loyal customers we serve.  We rely on satisfied customers to grow our business.

Moir provides technology solutions starting with quality house brand PC's that give a solid reliable base to a system and have a useful life that is almost double of what is delivered by the large mail order house.  We do not underestimate the importance of the network infrastructure so we adequately plan and closely adhere to industry rules then use quality materials and installers to eliminate network anomalies. For some customers, our work stops there.  But for many, Moir provides a one-stop shop for hardware, networks, customer relations management, including all aspects of voice and data processing.  We design, install, train, implement and maintain.

Mark Moir, President and CEO has been leading the company and servicing clients for more than 20 years.  Mark's credentials include a B.A. from Thiel College, Computer Tech graduate and a University of Pittsburgh M.I.S. candidate.  He is an ACT! Certified Consultant, Vertical Wave Certified and a past Certified Dentrix Trainer. Mark's extensive knowledge and willingness to help his clients succeed has proved a winning combination that has helped the company grow.  He has a wide range of technical skills that allow him to quickly identify solutions for his clients.  

Moir has had a constant relationship with ACT! CRM since the early 1990's and Moir provides general CRM consulting services to a variety of service businesses and manufacturing companies in Western PA.

Moir Computer provides specialized services for the dental office.  Mark has consulted with and trained more than 1,000 dental offices in the Mid-Atlantic since he started the business as an Easy Dental VAR.  Then he became a contracted Easy Dental Technology Consultant for a major dental supply house, and later a Dentrix, reseller and trainer.  Using his own 3 step process, Mark not only trained, but successfully implemented automation for hundreds of dental offices.  Mastering the technology demands of a paperless dental office provided early insights into what computerization would bring to the business office.  So, in 1997 Moir partnered with Artisoft to be the first to bring Televantage to the Pittsburgh market.  This windows based phone system has been ahead of the curve since its inception and continues on its award winning path as it is sold under the banner of Vertical WAVE.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh and Serving Clients for Over 20 Years 

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